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Our ambition is to create 500 jobs in the 5 coming years. Help us in this challenge!

Through the creation of the Fund, we want to encourage entrepreneurship, create jobs and impact health and wellness.

Letter from the Chairman
The «Caring Entrepreneurship Fund» initiative appeals to the societal responsibility of anyone who trusts that, in our world, entrepreneurship and business start-ups, especially in the field of health and wellness with large rising unmet needs, are a key force for development and progress.
Through the creation of the Fund, I therefore wanted to encourage entrepreneurship.
The goal of the CEF is to guide entrepreneurs when they decide to create their companies, often as soon as they conceive the idea. We usually act in the early stages, before equity investors become involved.
In this context, assisting new entrepreneurs in the steps they take, by making available to them the accumulated experience, networks and financial resources, is not only a moral duty, but also a contribution to social progress.
This project started as a personal initiative as a result of a restructuring I had to lead in 2008 with the firm goal to help people start their own business and create jobs. Since then, several Entrepreneurial Philanthropists have joined and I am appealing to the responsibility of any successful entrepreneur, any successful leader and financiers to join forces with us, for supporting new entrepreneurs with the shared ambition to build a better world.
I encourage you to read the stories of the fellows entrepreneurs whom the Caring Entrepreneurship Fund has supported so far. They should further fuel your desire to join.
On behalf of the Steering Group and the Investment Committee, I thank you for your donations whether monetary and/or in kind.
Warm wishes,
Roch Doliveux
Founder of the Caring Entrepreneurship Fund (CEF)

In order to pursue our mission and give us the possibility to support even more entrepreneurs, we are constantly looking for additional support. Would you be interested to help us through financial means or in-kind help, please contact us. We will happily discuss this with you!

Would you prefer so, you can donate directly on the CEF account of the King Baudouin Foundation. Your donation is tax-deductible.

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