We normally have two project calls a year (one in the Spring, one in the Fall) where you can send in your candidacy. We will not have a call in the Spring of 2020. New dates will be announced as soon as possible.

The conditions for eligibility

• Your company’s activities should be related to one of the following domains: healthcare, well-being, living conditions, support for patients and their families.
• You should be prepared to set it up your company in the relatively short-term, the product/service needs to be close to market launch. We do not support the R&D phase.
• The Fund will not support the development of a new project in an existing organisation, nor support the resumption of previously existing activities.
• The purpose of your organization can be for profit or not is as long as the activities create jobs and are self-sustainable.
• You, the candidate entrepreneur, should be one of the people responsible for the daily management, and should have autonomous decision-making powers within the company.
• You must never have been prosecuted for fraud.

Assessment criteria

The Investment Committee looks closely at the activity of the future company and at the team that will lead it. More specifically they assess:

The activity:
– The relevance of the activity, its added value to patients.
– The innovative feature of the product or service.
– The potential of the company to deliver real economic added value, particularly in terms of job-creation.
– The development strategy.

The person – the team:
– The qualities of the entrepreneur and her/his team, their ability to lead the project.
– Their technical knowledge of the product and/or service, knowledge of the clients or patients.
– their enthusiasm and resilience.


To participate you have to fill in the questionnaire on line on the site of the King Baudouin Foundation. Click here to follow the link. Note that you can only fill in the questionnaire on-line when the call is open (check above for dates).

To take a look at the questionnaire off line, click here (pdf of questionnaire).

The files are first read by the members of the Investment Committee who evaluate them based on the given criteria.
The 5 to 6 projects that they believe are most promising are asked for presentations in front of the Investment Committee.

If your project is selected you will be noticed about 2 weeks before the meeting. We expect you to make a short presentation of your project (5min). The Committee will then enter in dialogue with you and question you about your project for another 20 minutes.

At the end of the session, the Committee deliberates and decides whether they support some of the projects presented. It often happens that the Committee asks additional information and that the decision to support is postponed until all information is collected.

Type of support

We usually support projects by making loans at favorable conditions (low interest rate, 3 years of grace period, a reimbursement in 5 years). The average amount lent is between 20.000€ and 50.000€.
In some cases, the investment committee decides to take an equity stake (when the potential of the company offers the Fund a possibility of return that can help assuring a long term future to the Fund) or to give grants (when our moral support matters most).

The CEF collaborates with Réseau Entreprendre/Netwerk Ondernemen that provides coaching to young entrepreneurs. Once selected by CEF, candidates get a fast access to the experienced entrepreneurs of Réseau Entreprendre/Netwerk Ondernemen who will, if the candidates get selected by them, follow them closely for 3 years. Appropriate coaching proves to be very helpful for the success of startups. Réseau Entreprendre/Netwerk Ondernemen is proud to say that more than 80% of the starting entrepreneurs they helped are still active 5 years later.