The Caring Entrepreneurship Fund wants to support entrepreneurs in the creation of their business in the Health and Wellness sector. Start-ups, especially in the field of health and welfare, are a key force for development and progress to overcome unsatisfied medical needs and the ageing of the population.
We believe that societal change, wealth creation, employment opportunities and the future of the planet reside in the hands of entrepreneurs – those capable, innovative, driven individuals who can effect change and make things happen. We want to help them on this path.

Our Mission

Our major goal is to create employment while impacting health and wellness of society. We therefore focus our support on organizations that have a great potential for job creation.  We look for scalable activities in Heathcare.
We believe we can help them by offering a challenging look at their project, advise them on specific steps, introduce them to key persons and eventually support them financially.

Our History

The Caring Entrepreneurship Fund was created in 2009 at the initiative of a CEO who had to restructure his company  and lay off employees. By this he wanted to help people start their own business and so create new jobs.

Since then, he has been joined by other philanthropists and the Fund has evolved towards a venture philanthropy fund whose objective is to support startups in the Health sector.

We strongly believe that entrepreneurship is key for the vitality of the economy and that the Health and Wellness sector has an important role to play in the future of a welfare state. This is even more so in our current situation of aging population that puts extra strain on the system.


The Fund is supervised by a Steering Committee who decides on the strategic orientation of the Fund. It comes together twice a year.

The members of the Steering Committee are (as of January 2019):

    • Roch Doliveux, Chairman of the Steering Committee
    • Cyril Janssen, Financière de Tubize
    • Bernard Majoie, Président de la Fondation Fournier Majoie pour l’Innovation
    • Donald Niesten,  Partner,  Deloitte
    • Arnoud de Pret, Director
    • Luc Tayart de Borms, Managing Director, King Baudouin Foundation

The Investment Committee analyses the projects submitted and decides on the projects supported by the Fund. They come together in plenary session twice a year to meet with the candidates. When needed, some members come together on an adhoc base to evaluate some specific cases.

The members of the Investment Committee are (as of December 2019):

    • Arnoud de Pret, Chairman of the Investment Committee
    • Roch Doliveux, Founder CEF, Chairman Pierre Fabre SA, Chairman GLG Institute Healthcare and Board Member UCB
    • Dirk Loeckx, Entrepreneur, Board member icoMetrix
    • Ingrid Maes, CEO and Founder, Innovigate
    • Pierre Mottet,  Chairman, IBA
    • Jef Peeters, CEO,  Hanoi French Hospital
    • Karin Pierre, Consultant
    • Claudia Put, Founder and Managing Director, BrandNewHealth
    • Michel Tombroff,  Director, Cleverciti Systems GmbH, IOTech systems, Outside, Base Design
    • Jan Vanhevel, ex CEO KBC, Director Soudal, Ravago, Ensur, Alphabank